Premium Paint Correction and Polishing in Lubbock, TX

Devin’s Auto Spa provides excellent paint correction and polishing services in Lubbock, TX. Our professional experts use innovative procedures to erase flaws, restore clarity, and improve the gloss of your vehicle’s paint. Trust us to revive the appearance of your vehicle, resulting in a faultless finish that turns heads on the road. Devin’s Auto Spa is the place to improve your car’s overall aesthetic. Make an appointment today.

Paint Correction: What is it?

Paint correction is the painstaking process of removing flaws like swirl marks, scratches, and oxidation from a vehicle’s paintwork. The goal with polishing and buffing processes is to restore the paint’s clarity, depth, and sheen, resulting in a faultless and showroom-worthy surface.

The Purpose of Paint Correction

The goal of paint correction is to repair a vehicle’s paintwork by removing flaws such as swirl marks and scratches, improving its appearance, and obtaining a faultless finish.

Paint Correction & Polishing Packages

Our Paint Correction & Polishing Packages include various services for different types of car needs.

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One Step Polish

One-step polish is a versatile polishing product that removes minor to moderate flaws from a vehicle’s paintwork in a single application. It combines cutting and finishing properties, successfully rectifying minor flaws while leaving behind a glossy finish, making the polishing procedure easier and saving time.

All-in-one polish and cut to remove light car wash swirls, oxidation, and watermarks.

The paint will be topped with an 8-month paint sealant

2 Step Paint Correction

Two-step paint correction is a multi-stage polishing method that addresses deeper flaws in a vehicle’s paintwork. The first step is usually a compound to remove major flaws, followed by a finer polish to refine the finish and increase gloss, resulting in a clean, faultless surface with maximum clarity and shine.

  • Heavy cut to remove up to 90% of all scratches and defects
  • Polish to remove any damage left and ensure a showroom shine
  • Paint topped with an 8-month paint sealant
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Glass Polish

Glass polishing is a specialized procedure that removes flaws like scratches, wet spots, and mineral deposits from car glass surfaces. It restores clarity and smoothness using abrasive compounds and polishing processes, increasing visibility and providing a clean and flawless look for better driving safety and aesthetics.


What is paint correction?

Paint correction is the process of methodically cleaning and refining a vehicle’s paintwork to remove flaws such as swirl marks, scratches, and oxidation, thereby restoring its shine and clarity.

How long does paint correction take?

The duration of paint correction is determined by elements such as the paint’s condition and the severity of the flaws. Typically, it takes many hours to finish.

Can paint correction remove all imperfections?

While paint correction can significantly enhance the appearance of a vehicle’s paintwork, it may not eliminate all faults, particularly deep scratches or damage that necessitates more extensive repairs.

Devin’s Auto Spa in Lubbock, TX provides professional paint correction and polishing services. Call 806-701-7464 to arrange your appointment and receive unparalleled quality and service. Our professional specialists will renew your car’s paintwork by removing flaws and returning its gloss to perfection. Don’t settle for less; trust us to improve your vehicle’s appearance and make it seem its best on the road. Contact us today to experience the difference at Devin’s Auto Spa.

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